Welcome to the Poker Run app's official website. On this site you find all information about the app. 

What is Poker run?

Poker Run is poker (card game) where cards are collected travelling from location to another. On Poker Run event participants travel a predefined route. On the route there is five(5) checkpoints where participants receive one card each. Checkpoints can usually be visited in any order, decided by participant. After all checkpoints are visited, participants return to finish. Best hand wins the run. Usually participants compete the run using motorcycle, car or boat. Nothing anyway prevents using other vehicle, for example snowmobile.

What is The Poker Run app?

The Poker Run app is a smartphone app made for organizing and competing the Poker Run. With the app you can organize Poker Run event, find Poker Run events organized by other app users and attend Poker Runs.

Well, how does it work?

On the app the Poker Run event organizer defines following details about the event:

  • Title
  • Starting time
  • Attend fee
  • Starting location
  • Card checkpoint locations
  • Finish location
  • Possible description about the run.

Once all required details have been given, the Poker Run event will be visible for all the other The Poker Run app users. Users can register themselves for the event and the organizer can checkout how many people there is going to be participating.


When the Poker Run is about to start, the app starts registering visits on starting point. Once user visit on starting point has been registered, she or he can start collecting cards from the card checkpoints. The app shows these checkpoint locations for the users. When user arrives to the card checkpoint, the app deals her or him a card and registers visit on that specific checkpoint. User can continue to the next checkpoint.


Once user has gathered all the cards, she or he should go to finish where the app again registers user visit on the location. After all users have finished the Poker run or the organizer has ended the run, the app shows the run results. The organizer sees the whole results and participants see the top 3 + own rank with previous and next rank.

How can I get it?

Unfortunately the app is not available anymore.